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Excerpted from Assessment for Homeschool Magazine May 2020

by Valerie Schuetta, M.Ed., Reading Specialist, classroom teacher


  • English Phonics Stories, by Nancy D. Nelson, has everything you need to supply your child or students with what they will need to become successful, fluent readers. English Phonics Stories hits it out of the park! It is beautifully put together and very easy to comprehend. It does not require any special training or certification to implement. 


  • Whether you are a parent homeschooling your child, or a teacher looking for new materials to supplement your classroom, look no further. I am sure you will use and find English Phonics Stories an incredibly important foundation for your literacy instructional needs, from beginning to mastery levels, so it can be used for children, teens, as well as adult.


  •  Over 100 delightful, engaging, beautifully illustrated stories contain all the phonograms and spelling patterns that your child needs to learn to become a fluent and capable reader.


  • It is a great program for differentiation and covers all the learning styles, multiple intelligences, English language learners, gifted students, resource students, and children with learning differences.


  • This is a very flexible program. I believe English Phonics Stories is perfect and compatible for supplementing with my already skill-based phonics and literature program, so many of my students will not need any intervention! I would use this as a way of intervening myself.


  • There are very many wonderful components in this program!        I want all my students to succeed! I know they will with English Phonics Stories. 

  • I am definitely enthusiastic about English Phonics Stories!



"No teacher at any level should be without a copy!"

- Karen Sallman, public school teacher, library resource specialist, homeschool teacher for 10 years.

"...flexible, very helpful at many levels."

- "Dr. James W. Berry, School Consultant, former ACSI Director of Educational Services

" and very flexible. Allows multiple ways to experience and learn in a non-threatening environment."

- Andy & Cheri Black, both Ph.Ds. in linguistics

"These stories take the drudgery and humiliation out of mastering spelling and advanced reading as a teen or adult."

- Robert W. Keast, M.D., parent

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