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Special Christian Version


All faiths will value the stories in the General version. The character-building stories are almost the same in both the  General and the Christian version, but characters make amends in both versions but may pray for others in the Christian version. The Christian Version has additional sentences and graphics present the Gospel or Bible verses and allows the reader to climb into the mind of a true believer and follower of Jesus. They are appropriate for all Protestant and Catholic and Orthodox faiths. 


Stories are written for teenagers and adults as well as children. Many are written in first person, allowing each listener to picture characters of any age, gender, ethnic group, or culture. Children honor and respect their parents and grandparents and always learn a character lesson whenever their attitudes, actions, or words fall short of God’s standards.



Controversial doctrinal issues that vary by denomination have been avoided. If your teaching situation requires a less obvious representation, or if the doctrine stated does not agree with your own or that of your audience, you may download or order the general version.


If you purchase the Christian version and find that the general version is more appropriate, email for a free pdf of the generic version.


English Phonics for beginners Game
English Phonics for beginners fun game
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