The perfect companion to all other approaches and curricula, or use alone. 

It's just the English language sorted into like patterns and woven into fun stories.


Patterns are not mixed; you will not see 'new blue suit' or 'rough stuff.'

It's SO SIMPLE! No expertise necessary! 


Use workbook pages for pre-assessment, dictation, practice, and testing.

Use word lists for reading, pronunciation, creative writing, penmanship, or typing.


INDIVIDUALS, CLASSROOM TEACHERS, and PARENTS With the downloadable PDF textbook and fillable PDF workbook, your computer, browser, smartphone or PDF software can: 

  • Read stories aloud at variable speeds, highlighting each word;

  • Translate stories when you add additional dictionaries to your browser; and

  • Define, translate and pronounce the words.


Differentiated instruction:

  • Assign different patterns or activities to individuals.

  • Assign the workbook page as homework or seat work without using valuable class time.

  • Use optional reinforcement cards to set up learning centers or make assignments that develop art, drama, public speaking, composition, creative writing, and other disciplines while reinforcing the pattern and story.

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