Irlen Syndrome: You must see this!!! Life-changing!

(Irlen experts, please comment on the blog to clarify for our readers!)

PLEASE, PLEASE go to Irlen Syndrome is a perceptual problem with the brain that often runs in families. It can cause many problems affecting reading and behavior, including distorted vision, the inability to concentrate, light sensitivity, headaches, night blindness, the need to constantly move, or even "seeing things."

It is not an problem with the eyes but it can be immediately overcome by adding a particular missing color to the visual field with colored overlays, apps that change computer screen colors, colored glasses or contacts. I have experienced remarkable changes in my own students when using them.

At, there is a self-test, a screen color changing buttons, fascinating testimonials, and most shocking, examples of the stunning distortions your loved ones or students might be experiencing: letters swirling, blurring, moving around, disappearing, or even falling off the page.

Those diagnosed with dyslexia or other learning differences might simply be in need of special Irlen glasses. At the site, you can find local Irlen screeners and diagnosticians.

Please comment on this blog if you have experience with or comments about visual distortions affecting reading or behavior.


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