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When an unknown knave knocked the knight off his horse and forced him to kneel before him on the knoll, the knight knew that...

I'm taking the monkey on the trolley down the alley past the abbey to Valley Vets. 
I ought to have thought
more before I bought it and brought it into the tent...

Tired of the hustle and bustle of jostling Christmas shoppers, we hasten home...Our voices soften and our eyes often moisten as we nestle by the fire to listen...

Thirteen girls awoke at the first chirp of the birds in the fir trees.  As thirsty squirrels circled  the trees and stirred up dirt...

The gnome watched the  gnarly gnu gnash his teeth and gnaw at the ropes as gnats...

My young cousin Doug spent a couple of weeks with us in the country ... He loved my mother's southern fried chicken...

When Earl and Pearl heard of the research party, they yearned to go with them to search the earth. They learned early to earn ...

Reproducible for your own students!
By isolating each sound/spelling pattern 
and providing engaging but extensive exposure to all those words,
this comprehensive resource provides the necessary the bridge 
between phonics instruction and the word memorization needed
to apply those concepts with automaticity.
100+ Illustrated stories
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Complete Word lists;  Exhaustive teacher notes  (ignore at will) 
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Fill-in-the-blank stories; reinforcement activities
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Perfect for:

  • Independent Remedial
  • Acceleration of fluency
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Multilevel Teaching
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • English Language Learners
  • Standardized Test preparation
  • Learning Differences

"No teacher at any level should be without a copy!"

- Karen Sallman, public school teacher, library resource specialist, homeschool teacher for 10 years.

"...flexible, very helpful at many levels."

- "Dr. James W. Berry, School Consultant, former ACSI Director of Educational Services

" and very flexible. Allows multiple ways to experience and learn in a non-threatening environment."

- Andy & Cheri Black, both Ph.Ds. in linguistics

"These stories take the drudgery and humiliation out of mastering spelling and advanced reading as a teen or adult."

- Robert W. Keast, M.D., parent

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